MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS was established in 1989 as representative and distributor of renowned foreign manufacturers and suppliers of professional electronic components.

We are specialized in delivery of components, subsystems and materials for microwave applications, wireless and telecommunication, integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, electron tubes, PCB laminates, coaxial connectors and cables, RF amplifiers, modules, dedicated components for radio- and telecommunication, for radars and industrial microwave heating.

Extensive range of our offer includes special electron tubes for laser cutting machines, microwave laminates, active and passive devices and  detectors as well as many additional accessories. We acquire these components and materials from renowned manufacturers and distributors like: HD COMMUNICATIONS, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, MCLI, RICHARDSON ELECTRONICS, ROGERS ACS, WERLATONE and many others.

Our Offer

Special offer

We constantly make sure that our offer for components is tailored to your needs, and therefore the stock rotation in the warehouse is relatively high. Check what products are currently on sale - to buy at very attractive and still negotiable prices.


Design and Production of Microwave Devices

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS offers, in cooperation with experienced designers in the field of broadly defined microwave electronics, the possibility of comprehensive implementation of projects from concept to prototype and final mass production using the latest technologies, materials and components. 


Conditions of Sale

Cooperation with producers and renowned distributors in America and Europe allows us to offer a wide range of electronic components.  For parts selected by the customer  MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS prepares each time a detailed offer based on factory OEM price lists of particular manufacturers.

Partners and Products

MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS being the sole representative and distributor of the following companies in Poland, offers the newest components, materials and technologies for manufacturers of systems and devices for RF and microwave applications.

  • We provide advisory and support services at the client's request like testing, selection or registration of component’s parameters.
  • We organize regular product presentations as well as meetings of vendor’s engineers with interested clients to discuss design issues, problems, exchange of experiences and present new components.
  • We take into account quality complaints based on non-compliance of specific parameters of the delivered elements with catalog parameters of vendors.
  • We provide wholesale distribution, completion of parts per customer’s BOM and Just-On-Time deliveries per client’s individual orders.
  • The MICRO-ACTIV COMPONENTS company has large professional literature library of the represented companies available on-site free of charge for our clients. We support our customers by obtaining comprehensive information from vendors.
  • Our cooperation with clients is based on mutual understanding of needs, possibilities.



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